Family Yoga Workshop

This workshop is open to family units of any age, gender composition, and yoga experience.

Additional needs warmly welcome but please notify us in advance so that we can cater to specific situations. While babies and toddlers are most welcome, we ask that they are accompanied by at least one adult/caregiver, as they will require assistance to participate.

Through bodywork, yoga games, dance and breathing exercises (pranayama), we will explore the fun and unique ways we can enjoy yoga as a family or group of friends of varying ages, sizes and experience.

We will create a human mandala, conquer our fears with acro yoga (balancing and flying), work together in partner and group yoga, show our appreciation and learn how to care for others through gentle massage, and conclude the class with meditation/relaxation time to ground us after all the fun!

The class will explore the modification of familiar/traditional asana to include children and adults together, and bring fun to the practice through looking at yoga in a new way, embodying the notion that yoga can really be done anywhere, anytime and that anything can be yoga if it is done with love and attention to self and others.

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