A very warm and welcoming Namaste from the Soul Coast Yoga team.

We understand that stepping out of your comfort zone for the first time can be a bit daunting and overwhelming. So, we have put together some information for you to consider so that your experience at your first class is positive, rewarding and of course, Inspired Connected and Committed.

You can find us at the Gary Holland Community Centre, 19 Kent Street, Rockingham.

Our beautiful light, open boutique studio is just a street away from the beach.


We do appreciate you booking a place for each class as they can fill up and we like to have room and attention for you all. However, we do understand that not everyone likes to book online, and if that is the case, please come 15 minutes early so that we can take your details and talk about any concerns, physical limitations or anything that could impact your practice.

If you are brand new to yoga, we suggest starting off in our Yoga Foundations, Soul Explore or Soul Soothe as these are gentle classes. Or, why not sign up for our 6 week Beginners Course to give you a great foundation in your new yoga practice!


If you should need to cancel a class that you have booked, log in and on your profile page you can see your personal schedule there with the option to cancel. If you cancel the class in time then it will just go back to your class account to be used next time. We do require 48 hour notice for all Workshop bookings and no refunds will be offered (see our Terms and Conditions).


We have our own studio mats available for your use in class, but of course welcome you to use your own. We also stock a beautiful range of eco-friendly, sustainably sourced Yoga Mats for you to buy yourself in the studio. We appreciate that at the end of the class, you wipe down the mats with the spray so to keep our mats fresh, hygienic and ready for the next person to use.


Our studio opens 15 minutes before each class starts and if you are a new student please make sure you arrive early to fill out details. It’s also a great way to start the class, already settled and connecting to your breath prior to the start.

The studio is unattended during times that there are no scheduled classes. Please contact us via email, phone or our Facebook page if you have any queries or concerns.


Yoga is practiced in bare feet and shoes are placed at the back of the studio on the shoe racks, or left out the front. Yoga practice is about moving freely with the breath, so wear something that you are comfortable to move freely in (think comfortable active wear)


Yoga is more comfortable and beneficial on an empty stomach. It is recommended 2 hours prior to class not eating, but if that doesn’t work for your body have something very light an hour before.

A yoga studio is a sacred shared space and it is asked that you reflect on the energy that you are bringing into this space and how this could impact others and their practice.

This means committing to arriving on time, avoiding strong scents and perfumes (as this could trigger asthma and other allergies), being clean and free of body odour, TURNING OFF ALL MOBILE PHONES and devices to allow alignment to the practices.

Yoga is not about being perfect, flexible or being able to “perform” handstands, headstands and crazy postures. This ancient practice is an internal journey of the self, to the self so please be kind to YOU and give yourself time to feel the benefits of yoga.

The front door will be locked when class starts so be aware if you are running late and please do not interrupt out of respect to others and the teacher.